Thursday, 17 June 2010

We thinks they protest too much?

Watched an item on Channel 4 news towards the end of the program last night about MPs protesting about the clamp down on their expenses and the introduction of an electronic expenses claim system. The British serious news is not normally known for their sense of humour but when we watched it again and again this was actually quite funny. The link is here and the item starts at 19.00 minutes into the clip. Link should be there for a week or so.

How sad. The MPs complaining have imposed completely useless software on anyone who works in General Practices without any consent or consultation. Just listen to what they are saying.

What are they protesting about?

NHS technology is said to be good for it was they who told us so. So any Parliamentary technology should be good too. They have only themselves to blame for it after all.


Less efficient?

Delays treatment for patients (sorry wonga for MPs)?

Denies choice?

Increases everyone who uses it workload to do the same job?

Compromises their confidentiality?

Pays useless individuals to do nothing to service it?

What more could any MP want from Government software?

Welcome moaning Labour MPs to what you have done to those working in the health service for the last 13 years with your Soviet style implementation of useless IT. A few of you are clearly feeling angry about this but that pales into insignificance compared with the daily anger of those thousands forced to use useless NHS IT by yourselves.

Praise be to the Party for the “progress” that is finally catching up with those who thought of it and who have inflicted it on those who work in the health service.

Now you know how the workers feel. Feels good doesn’t it comrades?

Paper bad, electronic good. Is there at last some equality finally among the pigs?

Enjoy. Things can only get better with every upgrade that will be coming your way . . .

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