Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blue on blue on blue.

In the military the expression blue on blue refers to the fact that friendly units are firing on friendly units. This is not good as the idea of war is that blue should fire on orange i.e. friendly forces should destroy enemy forces as per the former Cold War.

Most politicians can comprehend this concept but when it comes to shooting fish in a barrel or taking pot shots at anything that cannot fight back the NHS is a classic blue on blue situation.

Politicians of all Parties claim to be “friendly” towards the NHS but most are covertly hostile and all of them like to take pot shots at it for it is an easy political target to hit.

So Za Nu Labour and the ConDems all have the same ill fated plans being reinvented and thrust down the throats of all in healthcare and thereby they inflict them on patients who may, or may not, have voted for their (covert) plans.

The NHS is experiencing the biggest onslaught of friendly fire in its history from not the usual 2 fronts (Conservative and Labour) but 3 the latest blue being the Lib Dems. Imagine a previously solid British square at Waterloo being assaulted by an Apache gunship, a cruise missile and an Abram’s tank all within 2 years. Anyone fancy a punt on who is going to win?

Blue on blue on blue. A great way to win a war - keep shooting your own and the enemy will win without a fight.

Question is who is the enemy? It can’t be the NHS for all three Parties are standing firmly behind their “own” personal friend the NHS with their jackboots in its back about to push it off a cliff.

For simple grunts on the ground this is the question. Most of the NHS works and that which does not can often be fixed cheaply locally.

If a car's spark plug does not work do you fix it by taking it to a crusher? Anyone in Westminster heard the expression “if it ain’t bust don’t fix it”?

Praise be to the Party for giving us more war with each reform but not defining the enemy. We on the frontline are fighting the enemy of illness on one front while fighting a constant rear guard action against political interference.

A war on two fronts is not usually a good idea but most medics have done this since the inception of the NHS. Anyone wonder why the NHS isn’t working? Most healthcare workers faces are well and truly bruised by the politicians smacking us in the faces time and time again.

For what?


Dr Grumble said...

Odd isn't it? The politicians are forever telling us how bad the NHS is. False comparisons are made with healthcare in other countries. Recently Lansley has done his best to suppress the latest good news. What very odd behaviour? What could be the method to this madness? Why do they continually snipe at the NHS?

I wonder if the public understand yet what is going on. When they do there will be trouble.

Julie said...

Like the pic, Northern Doc! Very apt!

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