Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It is all so simple.

One of the great things about being able to read is that you can. You can use the method most of us were brought up on namely text written on a paper format or as most of you reading this will probably be doing now reading off a computer screen of some description.

The content would be the same but the impact of the presentation may differ somewhat. If you are a reader of the GP magazine called GP you can see its latest electronic version here.

This however lacks the impact that the human mind can get by flicking through pages of paper quickly. Here is a series of headlines relating to GP commissioning/health care reforms that impacted on the human mind after reading the first 6 pages of the paper version of GP magazine from 25 March 2011:

GPs must join up to end care lottery.

PCT bid to cut costs endangers patients.

BMA to step up its Health Bill opposition.

QOF will not pay GPs for rationing NHS care.

Tory GP MP warns reforms will privatise commissioning.

Consortia must save £4bn by 2014.

DoH drugs plan could raise NHS costs.

Consortia told to ignore DoH advice.

GP consortia face fines of up to 10% turnover.

Health Bill limits consortia control over spending.

And we thought commissioning was oh so simple.

Praise be to the Party for its consistent approach to inconsistency and keeping us all guessing where it will land up as we gaily follow the yellow brick road which gets longer with each turn of the page – or should it be with each extra mouse click?

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