Thursday, 29 March 2012

If it is working, investigate?

For many months we have been trying to find out what percentage of referrals are currently made via the Government’s huge white elephant of failed IT called Choose and Book but haven’t found anything. Other figures like the percentage of referrals made by doctors vs secretaries have also eluded us until yesterday when we found this.

We have posted many times before on this huge and useless pile of NHS retarded computing which serves one and only one purpose to gather referral data for the Party. It has, and never has been, about “choice” unless it is to allow NHS managers to restrict true patient choice it is merely a bean counter for NHS managers and part of the (failed) commissioning process.

We respectfully submit to any investigation the following reasons as to why there is a fall in Choose and Book bookings in a simple format used by its architect (hint TB):

1) It is crap
2) It is crap
3) It is crap.

So if ever an investigation is never required it is into Choose and Book. If you have never ever been involved with it, used it or being on the receiving end of Choose and Book it seems a good idea - in theory. In Practice it is a nightmare.

All any investigation needs to do to find out why people are not using it is to try using it in the real world. Such an idea might be dangerous for it might involving those who support C&B interacting with real patients, dealing with real NHS IT and all its huge failings so will never happen.

Praise be to the Party for once again deciding to hold an investigation into something not working rather than fixing the actual problem. If something is good and works people use it. Any NHS manager able to work out the corollary to this argument?

No wonder you need an investigation.