Thursday, 5 July 2012

Proud to be British.

While busy sitting in the Ferrari that all UK GPs drive and listening to the Steps Ultimate Collection album on a stationary downhill facing dual carriageway we did espy in our rear view mirror the blue flashing lights of one of the local ambulance service vehicles at full pelt followed a few seconds later by the sounds of the sirens.

The traffic was nose to tail and going nowhere fast as due to road works it was being channeled into a single line and all lights were at red. Still having spent many happy hours in the back of ambulances transporting critically ill patients between various locations we thought we would do our bit and help create a clear passage.

As we checked our mirrors we became aware that the two lines of stationary traffic we were stuck in had parted to form a clear passage through the middle and the single line of cars ahead had pulled in between the coned off section of carriageway in a organized chevron like pattern.

As a result the ambulance sailed through the congested roadworks unimpeded before everyone got back to their former postions. All in a few brief seconds before the business of queing recommenced as usual.

Now we know that this does not always happen. With less than fond memories of ambulances and their police escorts screeching to a halt and the air turning blue from the comments of their crews expressing opinons about some driver's abilities while we struggled to stay in a seat and at the same time prevent a ventilated patient from being disconnected from their ventilator, it was a pleasure to watch as people with no knowledge  of what the emergency was cooperating to enable an emergency vehicle through.

We are sure the crew must have thought all their Christmases had come at once and we certainly recall being overseas where commercially run ambulances were frequently ignored in congested traffic. While that ambulance was more likely than not on its way to a non emergency like a little old lady in 5 layers of womble wear who had had a faint due to being over heated in the muggy conditions it could equally have been a paediatric cardiac arrest where seconds do count.

Certainly up here in Northernshire road manners are usually better than our southern cousins but what we saw made us proud that for a few brief seconds a group of individuals who did not know each other acted independantly and correctly and may even have helped someone they did not know as a result.

And then we were able to continue listening to Steps with only the briefest of interruption too.

Praise be to the Party for continuing to educate the Public about what to do when they see ambulance blue flashing lights. Ignore them obstruct them at your will but remember one day you might need them for real.

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hyperCRYPTICal said...

Whenever I see this parting of the traffic to allow the passage of an emergency vehicle - I am genuinely quite moved by it.

It fills me with hope that perhaps we are not all losing ourselves to the God of selfishness.

Anna :o]