Sunday, 25 January 2009

Dob in a Doc

So certain members of the Party a few weeks ago thought that having a website is a good way to improve GPs performance? Clearly the party think that this will “empower” patients to “improve” their GPs. How?

You are a druggie that needs 50 Diazepam to pay his dealer that he owes for his next fix and your GP won’t give you them?

Clearly a crap GP.

I’ll go on the website and dob in a Doc.

That will improve “service”.

My GP did not give me a letter for rehousing because they know the council will ignore any such letter.

Clearly a crap GP.

I’ll go on the website and dob in a Doc.

That will improve “service”.

I could not get an urgent appointment for my athlete’s foot. I was told to wait a day.

Clearly a crap GP.

I will dob in a Doc.

That will improve “service”.

And so on. Don’t get what you want so you will now be able to complain like a child having a temper tantrum in a supermarket. Now you can use a Party “moderated” (or is it “monitored”?) website to slate your doctor completely anonymously. Because it is anonymous you won’t be penalised and your doctor can never improve service because he may not recognize what you are moaning about.

Any politician who thinks that rating your GP will improve them have forgotten that they introduced patient satisfaction surveys for GPs. They thought this would do this until GPs discovered that the cost outweighed any benefits.

Where ND worked we have found that over the years ratings in these surveys fell for all GPs (nice and nasty alike) year on year yet our QOF performance went up? There was even competition to see who got the lowest ratings! But the rankings stayed the same year on year only the numbers went down. Bit like the Party’s opinion poll ratings.

But wait?

Are not opinion polls a measure of “performance” on a par with a rate or slate your GP website?

If GPs ratings (opinion polls) go down surely the performance (of Government) must improve? Recent history should tell those how this system works especially with politicians who value falling opinion polls above the care they give to their electorate.

Ratings sink to rock bottom so what do they do? Improve performance of Government? Hell no they have a credit crunch.

The one thing that has never been analysed by the Party in general practice is death rates. Death rates are the only thing that rate health care systems and outcomes world wide as death is a certainty (along with taxes).

Have politicians missed the point for a sound bite?

Did any politician measure Harold Shipman’s death rates?

No they did not. Ever.

So lets have an objective dob in your Doc’s Death Rate website?

Clearly the trick now will be to increase death rates until someone notices and then decrease them so that the Rate your Doc’s Death Rate site shows a huge improvement. Hence a “good” GP will notice his ratings go down i.e. their death rates go up and so they might think about doing a bit of medicine off the golf course. We see where the politicians are coming from now, ratings down so lets improve things. A bit like screw up the economy and your poll ratings go up?

Anyone ready to dob in a politician? Sorry we have to wait 5 years to get rid of incompetence. More money to be wasted on a political whim that will be of no objective use to anyone other than the software designers who will no doubt cream off loads of wad for a totally useless website.

The best rater of GPs and restaurants is, and always has been, word of mouth. Politicians rarely indulge in the art of talking to people as this means listening to them. Politicians listen to so many of their electorate that they can clearly see more at their once weekly surgery of a couple of hours than any doctor can see in a whole week of surgeries. Hence they can represent their constituents. But those in the Party know better.

Praise be to the Party and its wise ministers. A dob in a Doc website is far cheaper than ever improving healthcare.

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