Friday, 9 January 2009

NHS Rangers lead the way - the War on MRSA #4

Another great idea that the NHS Rangers have come up with is that if MRSA cannot see patients it cannot fly through the air to infect them (all NHS Rangers know about the stealth flying mode of NHS MRSA transmission as it guides all their policies). The NHS Rangers corps has therefore copied another tactic from the military to prevent MRSA being able to see patients called the smoke screen.

This simple technique is being employed at the front line of all NHS hospitals nationwide. Furthermore it is a free service and a credit to the British people as any foreigner who enters a NHS hospital has to cross this defensive line before gaining access (to free healthcare) and to the MRSA free ward area that lurk behind this NHS smokescreen.

As well as the defensive smoke screen the NHS Rangers, mindful of the environment impact of discarded smoke grenades, utilize the dog ends that are so full of carcinogens that the MRSA on the hands of smokers will never be trampled into the hospital on their feet and so the “smoke screen” tactic helps defeat MRSA in a pincer manoeuvre so beloved of NHS modern matrons while eating chocolate eclairs.

Furthermore in addition to adopting an outside in approach to defeating MRSA the Party also utilize an inside out approach and engage, at no cost to themselves, the patients who are free of MRSA to contribute to this hugely successful smoke screen.

NHS Rangers lead the way.

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