Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Recent Symposium

ND and fellow Resistance Fighters were recently at a true symposium (the Greek meaning of the word) at the Café Michelle. As they indulged in a bit of symposing inevitably the conversation turned to the increasing top down dumping of useless work on doctors by non medically qualified managers. As by now a lot of symposium “work” had been done there was a lot of irreverent humour floating about.

During this period someone jokingly said:

“I think therefore I am. You think therefore you aren’t!”

This was met by one of those stone cold silences that stop laughter dead when all realize that something profound has been said.

Someone had encapsulated the current state of the relationship between NHS managers and medical staff in Northernshire. It is called “clinical engagement”.

Praise be to the symposium for sometimes in vino veritas.

Postscript: a few days after that remark was made a story broke regarding child protection issues in a town in the south of Northernshire. The issue that gave rise to the above comment was proposed changes to local child protection procedures and the model proposed by the local Politburo commissars was that used in the same town in the news story.

Praise be to the Party and its local Politburo commissar managers for they always know better especially regarding child protection.

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