Thursday, 29 January 2009

Odds and Sods

Following on from the last post (we do not mean the military one played at acts of remembrance) the team at ND would like to recommend a few fellow bloggers’ posts that have caught our collective eyes in the last week.

The excellent and well established Dr Crippen’s blog drew our attention to an interesting graph on a website of political disrespect called Guido Fawkes . We particularly liked the first comment and the graph both of which could easily be modified for many things in the NHS.

Another post of note came from the Ferret Fancier about the mushrooming of the MHS. Lots and lots of titles but very little healthcare we suspect is being delivered by those on that list.

How did we as junior grunts ever manage to send patients home without such new things as a “discharge co-ordinator”? Oh yes we do vaguely remember when nurses used to look after patients and do this job rather than input information into computers to write care plans and get payments by results rather than deliver care to patients.

Finally can I recommend a post by the Jobbing Doctor Jan 22 Unacceptable who has been kind enough to mention us. We showed it to one of our bright young and enthusiastic medical students who could not believe how the system in which they are training is working. We only have them for a few weeks to try to show them how Primary care works but will hopefully introduce them to good sources of education!

Much respect to these bloggers who keep us informed and entertained in the long, centrally imposed waits that make up almost half of the working day at present.

Praise be to the Party and fellow Bloggers keep the faith and posting for truth will out.

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