Thursday, 26 February 2009

I couldn’t care less which GP I see . . .

The politicians who decide health policy are those who usually are least aware of how it actually works. Very few if any are medically trained. Given their vast inexperience is that why they can come out with comments like “I couldn’t care less which GP I see”?

Is that because, Alan, I shall use this as a hypothetical name, you have no involvement in childcare from several marriages and so never take children to see a doctor yourself? So as long as the brat is quiet I am OK and so quality of care for your various offspring is of no consequence to you?

Is it because, Alan, you have never been pregnant and will never know the value of good consistent midwife based care?

Anyone will do?

Is it because, Alan, you have never dealt with good health visitors that can support and help young parents during their new experience of childcare?

Anyone will do?

Is it because, Alan, you have never had a cancer or a long term medical condition that requires any degree of consistent and quality care?

Anyone will do?

Is it because, Alan, you have never had a demented parent and experienced the living hell that caring for them can bring?

Anyone will do?

Is it because Alan you are lucky enough to have never been ill?

As, Alan, you clearly have never had any commitments to anyone of any importance other than yourself do you value healthcare as worthless? You may even want to abandon it to the private sector?

You probably, Alan, have company health care from BUPA so will never worry about waiting lists? You will probably have an exclusive dining room open all hours so you won’t even have to go to a supermarket to feed yourself?

Why not move to the USA where they reward people with talent and experience like you and there is quality healthcare but at a price? You never need it so you will be quids in?

On the other hand you can stay here and see whatever crap whenever you want as you couldn’t care less who you see?

You could go and see Sir Liam McDonaldson’s healthcare at your local Darzhole centre? You might even get to see a nurse!

They are so much better and cleverer than doctors as they are cheaper and you get more of them per pound. You could ring NHS (Re)direct when you get rectal bleeding and be told it is piles or “go and see a doctor” but you would be happy with this when you die from the missed rectal cancer because you couldn’t care less?

If, Alan, you ever need to see a doctor we could give you a list of those to avoid as just with any profession there are good and bad people in medicine but you wouldn’t read it because you couldn’t care less?

Praise be to the Party and all the many Alans in the world who couldn’t care less. They are in government for that reason.

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