Monday, 23 February 2009

NHS cancer care an update

A while ago ND posted a piece on NHS scanning versus the rest of the world. Well the relative concerned got a MRI scan within days as opposed to the same day in the rest of the (non NHS) world but the promised CT scan did not materialize until 18/02/09 as the CT scanner had bust at the local Politburo tractor plant (but we bet it was exceeding all production targets according to the local commissars).

So the local Thickerazzi that deal daily with patients got a portable scanner (the one that was idle in the last post) to replace it.

When ND was a very junior grunt we loved going to see CT scans as medical students. This was high tech and brought anatomy alive. The scans took 20+ minutes. Over the years they have improved to being a matter of minutes for those now senior grunts have seen this wondrous technology in action.

The imported CT scan can apparently only do 5 scans a day probably why it was idle when we walked past it. There were probably not enough 10p pieces to put in the electric meter or the 10p put into the meter manager had not yet been fully trained.

In the time since the last post ND has seen another patient who collapsed in a third world country. The same day they had all the usual tests you would get here but what stood out was the fact that they also got a MRI scan on the same day.

The flag of the country is next to that of ours. Yes it will have cost their health insurance but then the relative concerned has paid “National Insurance”.

The news was not good. Further treatment is needed. When we saw the consultant we were told what would have happened in the first world namely the USA as one of their junior staff had been on a research fellowship there that they had won against international competition. Unfortunately we are in the NHS world not the first world. More waiting with the cancer clock ticking relentlessly on while the NHS marks time.

We will keep you posted.

Praise be to the Party for bringing down medicine in the UK to some of the lowest medical standards in the civilised world and for spending so much to do so and meeting all the low targets they set for patient care.

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