Sunday, 15 February 2009

More choice and respect for medical confidentiality in Northernshire

Once again it has come to the attention of the Resistance that the Party are continuing its Choice agenda by refusing to take no from patients who say they want to opt out (of the summary care record.)

According to an article in Pulse the local Politburo thickerazzi want the under comrade GPs to hand over patients who want to opt out to the local commissars so they “can be invited to the surgery (Gulag?) to discuss it further (for re-education?)”.

The idiot thickerazzi comrade commissar managers ever proud of their 5 year plans and popularity with the comrade patients are planning to put on their invites for re education the surgery details “as if from the practice”.

Now those in the Resistance quoted point out that for GPs to do so would breach patient confidentiality.

A rather more sinister quote goes on to say that under comrade GPs had been asked "to report (inform) on patients (comrades) who wanted to opt out to reduce the administrative burden on the practice” and so their “wishes could be respected" ?

Excuse us if we are thicker than the NHS thickerazzi here but does the compiling lists of patients who want to opt out and inviting them for re-education increase or decrease administration?

The end of the article goes onto to say that so proud is the Party of its Policy that good under comrade GPs who fully uploaded their records will receive payments of £2,000. We would be deeply suspicious of any practice that achieves one hundred percent in the same way if a politician got 100% in a general election.

Praise be the Party and its ever wise choice agenda giving Hobson’s choice to the masses via the Party who always knows best. Some of them may even be able to write their own names with an X in crayon.

P.S. Since we penned this it would appear that the Politburo who issued this has seen the error of its ways? Again the source is Pulse.
For the time being?

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