Monday, 22 June 2009

ND and team are old - we just did a hundred posts.

Using the wondrous technology that is Blogger, yesterday we at ND Central realised that we have made our 100th post. When we started we never thought we would make 30 but the healthcare issues and misrepresentation of them by the Party and the mainstream media means that what started as a rant has been grown by a group of doctors thwarted by the Thickerrazi that is the current NHS management into the Northern Doc Blog.

(An aside dear reader, there is also a United Kingdom Northern Doctor blog which we did not realize until we had been up and running for a while. We did consider using that name but discovered someone in Canada was using that so we abandoned it only to later find out we were wrong. There was no intention to steal anyone’s thunder by using a similar name it was just chance.)

Try to do your best for a patient. What stops you? A Soviet style NHS manager. We thought we had won the Cold War here in Northernshire. ZaNu Labour and its commissar NHS mangers have corrected us here on this otherwise well known fact.

We are incredibly grateful to the many experienced bloggers whom we read for a long time before we started who have commented on our posts and encouraged us further.
When you start you feel you are on your own but the Bloggoshere is out there watching you and then supporting you.

We wish to thank what we believe to be the granddaddy of UK medical blogs Dr Rant for initially inspiring us although we do not agree with his fruity language at times, the Jobbing Doctor who has past his 1000th post much respect JD, Dr Crippen, Dr Grumble, the Ferret Fancier, the Witch Doctor, Ward 87 and not forgetting the Militant Medical Nurse. All excellent reads with different styles some easier to follow than the Witch Doctor’s unique, but informative, style once you get into it.

All at the frontline, all seeing and living NHS medical (and nursing) care on a daily basis and commenting on its many deficiencies and nuances as they see it.

If you as a doctor have issues that you feel you should raise that have been sidelined by local NHS managers then you do have, at the moment, a chance to voice your opinion although some of our European masters may be trying to erode free speech via the Internet.

Praise be to the Party for inventing blogging. Someone has to tell them what they are doing to the National Health Service is sometimes wrong. At least they can ignore blogs and the public but the public reads . . .

They cannot control that, can they?

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