Sunday, 21 June 2009

We was Googled

While out doing our rounds in the leafy shires and moors of Northernshire far away from the nearby large coastal industrial conurbations we did drive though a small hamlet and did espy a strange vehicle pictured above (albeit the estate version of this vehicle).

It surreptitiously pulled into a lay-by for a few seconds as we approached before driving off quickly. On its side was the word Google.

Have we been Googled while out at work?

Will one of our Practices’ many Ferraris, which General Practitioners in the United Kingdom supply free of charge to their staff, as they earn less than their local shire MPs claim in their expenses, now appear on a road in a small Northernshire hamlet on Google street view?

We will have to see in the coming weeks.

Praise be to the Party who invented the computer and have published a digital plan for the United Kingdom. 2Mb broadband for all by 2012 link here

We will be a laughing stock with such low ambition but we suppose if you think that NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT), N3 Connection and Choose and Book are gold standards of National Digital prowess then you will aim lower than several Far Eastern and European countries have already achieved with speeds some 50X faster than ZaNu Labour’s lofty ambition.

Some of the above is true, some is a bit of artistic licence some is government policy. Decide, dear reader, which is which.

We are just waiting for the photos. Will we look good in our Ferraris?

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