Monday, 17 August 2009

History does not repeat itself. Or does it?

For those who read the Mail on Sunday we are sure you will have been scared by their lead story about the proposed Swine Flu vaccine. The blogosphere has had this information for several weeks, nay months. This article here was found in June from this source from a link from this excellent site which we like alot. We liked the cartoon too!

If the story is true then it would appear that someone has alerted neurologists to a slight problem with a swine flu vaccine that was identified a mere 30 years ago when the US of A decided to panic and produce a vaccine that seemingly killed more than the disease itself.

The Party, being all wise, does not do history but does do panic par excellence. Those of us here at ND who do research feel that the prescription of Tamiflu, by the National Pandemic Flu Service, for a quinsy, otherwise known as a peritonsillar abscess, the treatment of which is usually surgical or high dose IV antibiotics, should be written up as a case study to pad out a CV but as far as we are aware there is NO formal audit of the Swine flu line’s effectiveness i.e. politicians being unaccountable for panicking.

So while the Party wants a huge vaccination program for what is at present a relatively minor disease whose mortality is less than that due to automobiles and is trying to divert the Public’s mind by pointing out that healthcare costs of vaccination of some £ 700 million for those evil idle GPs to vaccinate the Public, it seems to have ignored history completely.

Read the above links and make up your own mind. To panic, vaccinate and possibly kill more than the disease itself or to learn from history?

Praise be to the Party and all who ignore Fort Dix and the lessons learnt in 1976. We shall not say anything about history possibly repeating itself else re this and politicians acting in a similar way to those back in 1976 for these truths are self evident?

History will tell us the answer but at what cost and to whom? And who, if any, will be accountable if there is a repeat?

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