Saturday, 8 August 2009

You could not make this up – could you?

We were here at ND Central were hoping to break the large amount of swine flu posts with something different but today institutionalised incompetence reared its ugly head again.

Readers may recall an earlier post about what the mask issued to our Practice to protect us would actually protect against.

One of our Practice nurses informed us 2 days ago that an Infection Control person was coming to collect the masks as there was a “problem” with the filters.

We shall keep you posted as to what this “problem” is, if we ever find out, although we suspect we know the answer as it might have been in our previous post.

Still the team will be on the phone to technical support at 3M the manufacturers and onto our colleagues at Porton Down and Atlanta CDC to find out if just perchance the local Thickerazzi have cocked up? After all given the option of a scalpel to do an operation versus a flint knife they would opt for the later as it is cheap and they would not know the difference as they still walk on their knuckles.

May be someone mentioned the “Health and Safety” word or asked a question like “do the masks work”? Imagine the commissioning process that must have gone on in a well prepared “world class” commissioning PCT.

Once again a top “world class” commissioning PCT in the “best prepared” country in the world sends out masks to protect us that now have a “problem” with the filters. And they want them back.

Why? To conceal the evidence of institutionalised incompetence?

We haven’t been given any replacements either.

It’s a bit like sending a soldier to war with a rifle and giving them ammunition that does not fit the gun. Yes, you have a rifle but it can’t do anything useful. Can we have it back please?

Praise be to the Party and all its wise planners. Did we also tell you that Tamiflu has already surfaced at local car boot sales? We are so well prepared it is unbelievable.

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