Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tales from the Gulag or visiting a patient in ZaNu Labour’s NHS 002 Feeding

Food is not important to Party care. Good Comrades can feed themselves on nothing.

If you have ever been a patient in an NHS hospital visiting is a really important perk. Being in hospital is like being banged up in a prison. Every thing is controlled but not by you. Meals, when you can leave, medicines, go to the toilet etc. As an ill patient you are dependant on the system.

You do not choose your fellow inmates and, if as here in the over affluent areas of Northenshire, the usual response to a question is

“Yer what luv?”or “Eeh? What thar say yer f**king bastard?”

then, given your fellow inmates conversational skills, a visitor who speaks the Queen’s English and does not swear every second word is a really welcome break for a short hour or two.

Furthermore visitors can bring you something that is like a Red Cross parcel was in the Second World War to POWs.

Edible Food.

You can only survive so long on a daily diet of cabbage soup watered down to keep the price lower per meal that those in Her Majesty’s prisons or schools. So relatives often bring food parcels in at visiting time. Indeed if some relatives did not feed their relatives then they would literally starve (to death).

And they do link.

Compare our current relative’s care as an NHS inmate with another relative of ours who was treated in a private hospital as they were BUPA Positive. There were no problems with parking and it did not cost. Visiting was more flexible. This means that they could get as close to First World Care in the UK as one can up North and they did.

When, after major cardiothoracic surgery, they did not fancy the menu the chef was sent for by the nursing staff to ask if they could prepare anything for them as they complained they were hungry. The simple request for a ham and mustard sandwich meant that psychologically they felt better and were fed.

But “nurses” in the NHS no longer feed (see later) and they do not have kitchens on wards.

Praise be to the Party for progress. Food is no longer necessary to healthcare and every report on food in healthcare tell us this due to the high levels of malnourished patients.

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