Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Cancer Clock ticks past 60, Lithuania does better and the events near the Potteries

You will, as taxpayers and patients, be pleased to know that there has been no major recent input of cash into the GBH (Gordon Brown Harm) bank fund as far as we are aware.

We at ND Central have now finally seen a Professor regarding our relative’s recurrence of cancer at T+51 days. The news was generally upbeat apart from the fact that another 28 days has been added to the NHS Wait Tariff for exercising the wrong “NHS Choice”.

You do the crime (exercise NHS “Choice”) and managers make you do the time.

Comrade Alan “Postman Pratt” Johnson was telling us this week that there is a 2 week cancer target but no doubt our relative’s experience will be subject to a degree of “quantitative easing” in that by “printing targets” no-one will be waiting any time at all.

The clock is still ticking Mr Brown and Mr Johnson.

This sounds like reports we remember reading in the quality newspapers from twenty plus years ago regarding the failed Soviet experiment that you have inflicted on all of us now via the New Labour Health Service.

Everything there in Communist Utopia was working unless you had to use it. Some of the biggest critics of our health service are from former Communist countries and compare our current health service critically with their health services which have improved year on year while ours declines ever downwards.

A patient from overseas told of how they went to their home country on a holiday after having a normal x-ray on the NHS and had a MRI, arthroscopy and surgery all on a short holiday. They did pay for this themselves and were highly critical of NHS care as they are now unemployed in this country due to the failure of the local NHS Politburo to sort out a simple back problem using the well known surgical technique of physiotherapy (cheap therefore good) rather than the right treatment (surgery expensive therefore bad).

Back now in NHS land, the home of the Free (treatment), they want the same for the other joint but will have to wait a lot longer than their holiday (and treatment) was.

They did however get a MRI scan and an operation in Lithuania while on holiday and unemployed quicker than a NHS patient, our relative, gets cancer treatment in this country while they were working and paying taxes Mr Brown and Mr Johnson.

There was a minor problem at a Staffordshire hospital allegedly due to the staff trying to meet targets (imposed on them by a fully accountable Government) that resulted in a mere 400 deaths.

Harold Shipman must be turning in his grave as to how few he managed to pop off in all of his years. He at least did the honourable thing but he was a rank amateur compared with poor management aided and abetted by Government targets in the killing fields stakes.

We suspect that those in charge in the Stafford case will move onto to higher things once the breeze has blown over and earn more as a result but continue to have a better kill ratio than old Harold.

(We wrote this few days ago and this appears to be confirmed by a post in Dr Crippen’s blog post 23/03/09. Barely has the stink cleared and failure seems to be rewarded with the chief poacher(s) being promoted to chief gamekeeper(s) so it won’t happen again will it?)

And they will (continue to) get away with it.

To paraphrase a famous Party humanitarian from the past “one breach of confidentiality is a sackable offence, 400 deaths is a statistic and to be rewarded”.

We are sure Alan is happy with our relative’s PCT as it is now in the top ten “world class” commissioning PCTS. We are so pleased with this we think?

Top 10 “world class commissioners” = crap managers = bottom class medical care.

Praise be to the Party. The cancer clock ticks on . . .

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