Wednesday, 11 March 2009

GMT the ticking clock continues

Amazing how those that have saved the world are unable to treat those that they expect to pay taxes to fund their saving of the world.

In the last few days an amazing £ 75, 000, 000, 000 of money is to be printed and another £ 260, 000, 000, 000 of toxic debt is to be underwritten by Gordon Brown plc (or is it GB plc?).

The total amount of this little extra money that has been found could fund 11, 166, 667 of treatments worth £ 30,000 a time. Remember those snivelling little toads of cancer patients that you could not afford to treat Gordon and Tony?

That you forced to go to Court to get treatment for a few extra years because you could not afford it?

The total the UK government has spent thus far could fund 76, 125, 768 treatments at £ 20,164 a time which we believe to be the cost of a cochlear implant the most expensive operation on the NHS Tariff. So everyone in the United Kingdom and another 16 million besides could have this expensive operation on what you have spent so far.

The clock is still ticking Mr Brown. The relative we have blogged about is still waiting for treatment. They have paid their taxes which you are happily spending with gay abandon to save yourself, sorry, the Banks. The local Politburo where they live ticks all the Party boxes and that includes cancer care waits as it is rated as “excellent”.

Praise be to the Party as when it comes to zeros after a number it knows no end. Was that after a name or number?

Gordon and Alan Zero. A suitable epitaph?

What will you write on this relative’s gravestone when they die from NHS failure? Another zero in needless premature death’s column?

The cancer clock still ticks. The NHS marks time but its managers are happy. Gordon is also happy as he has saved the world but at what cost?

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