Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A web search, the important people in the NHS and Revolution

Following a chat with a former comrade at arms ND did do a web search for a certain surgeon at a particular hospital in the south of Northernshire. We had hoped to track down a former colleague to ask their advice regarding local services in their neck of the woods for a patient who had “chosen” to go there. The web page we had found is here.

You will notice there is no reference to any named surgeon or their particular abilities which is the information we were after but only to the really important people who do all the work are listed prominently.

Clearly managers and their employing of web page designers is more important than informing patients of the abilities and qualifications of their surgeons who will after all operate on a patient. Patients always ask us as GPs “Which Manager will do my operation and are they any good? Do you know them?”

If the patient’s “chosen” manager is on an NHS corporate website they know they are in safe hands and that their GP will be reassured by this fact. The Internet is after all now the Truth. Comrade Gordon has said so today rolling out an “information revolution” according to this link from the BBC.

Praise be to the Party and all those who work so hard delivering front line patient care via the website designers and the NHS managers. Who needs good surgeons when you can have a ratings website instead?

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