Thursday, 5 March 2009

GMT the ticking clock

The team at ND are really peed off at the moment so we will introduce a “clock” that we may periodically update and possibly refine. We will call it Gordon Moron Time or Good Manager Time (GMT), after Jeremy from Rotherham’s remarks, counter as it will continue to cost us all.

It at present will consist of two principal counters:

One is the time it takes to get cancer treatment in the UK in Northernshire from realizing there is a problem based on our own collective experience and the other will be based on how much the idiots that govern us feel they should bail out the banks. These will be updated as any further information from various sources comes in.

One is clearly important as it involves days and involves those with cancer that costs a few thousand pounds but is of no importance unless you are a NHS manager or a politician in which case that is a HUGE amount of money.

The other clock costs no-one as it is the money spent by completely unaccountable individuals whose pensions are completely safe regardless how much they screw up.

We are not referring to an individual whose hide may or may not have been saved by the larger figure here but to politicians who are quick to try and remove someone elses pension if they fail while still expecting to reward themselves if they fail. Will political failure still be rewarded? We all know the answer. An emphatic YES they will be rewarded and historically always have been rewarded for failure.

We will see what the numbers do over time. Care of the individual taxpayer over the taxpayer bailing out the idiots? You can guess who comes first.

Remember the NHS is a Soviet style target driven culture that offers “choice”. So in the same week that ND’s relative received their bad news a fellow worker had the same diagnosis at the same tractor plant.

They will be getting surgery next week as they have opted for the local comrade commissar manager’s “choice” of hospital and are a “new” diagnosis and so the comrade managers will fast track that one as it ticks a target box, results in payment and so is allowed.

However, ND’s relative wanted to exercise “choice” but this “choice” was verboten as it was not the commissar's choice and there is no income into the local Politburo. By virtue of the fact that this is a known, not a suspected, cancer and that the referral is a consultant to consultant referral it is of low priority for 2 reasons:


the local idiot commissars do not allow consultant to consultant referrals as they do not attract money (under Payment by Results) and so, where possible, are redirected back to the GPs. These consultant to consultant referrals are 60% of all referrals to the local tractor plant and are therefore directly the result of the evil over referring GPs (not) and are therefore banned (unless it is an “emergency”) in order to preserve income and so ultimately delay treatment until approved by a commissar (non medical) as being “urgent”.


there is no income coming into the local Politburo “market” as the money will go into another local Politburo pot which the local NHS Thickerazzi don’t like as it makes their abacus unbalanced.

Same disease.

Same location.

Same Party “choice”.

2 different outcomes.

One NHS?

Praise be to the Party whose pensions will never be based on performance as if you fail in politics you get richer. Don’t we comrade Tony Blair?

Our relatives are still waiting . . . we don’t have Darzicare just N(ewlabour)HS care.

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