Sunday, 5 October 2008

Worldclass P**s take?

Another NorthernDoc, a fellow vet of Nam, has told me that one of the more Southern outposts of Northernshire has decided that it will create for the first time ever in the history of the UK, or the world, a “world class” general practice service for their comrade patients.

A “world class” service in Northenshire?

Is that the equivalent of :

1) the Austin Allegro
2) the Sinclair C5
3) The Trabant
4) The AK47?

Sorry one of those is actually a true world class instrument of death and destruction and on a par with NHS administrators delivering equitable health care as it kills regardless of sex, race, creed, or colour and does so very well and cheaply with no losses to those that use it.

And this is allegedly being delivered by a “world class” management team the Chief Comrade Commissar of which comes from an area of the world that is better known for producing sheep for the Middle East housed in conditions better than they allow their comrade NHS patients to endure.

It used to be the case that if you suffered from delusions = a belief in the absence of reality you were treated for mental illness.

Now it seems that under care in the community you get to be the Chief Executive of a Primary Care Trust.

Anyone wonder why the health service is so bad with the lunatics running the asylum?

If you need “world class” health care then either move to America and pay


Google “world class” and “GP” and see what you get.

You can check out the results of years of mismanagement by the Soviet concerned on which the sound foundations of this “world class” service are to be built here:

It will take a few seconds to load as NorthernDoc discovered when doing the research into this NHS Utopia as it is a Party website.

With thanks to HP for the inspiration for this piece. HP keep the faith and the 50 cal close to hand they may be coming for you soon.

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