Friday, 24 October 2008

NHS Rangers leading the way

With apologies to any colleagues in the US and UK armed forces for using this analogy and terminology but ND feels that certain aspects of the current NHS way on healthcare need to be drawn to the public’s attention as examples of excellence to be promoted through the health care community.

ND has decided that certain “beacon” health care projects and initiatives will now be highlighted by the “NHS Rangers lead the Way” tag on subsequent posts.

This may be a regular or episodic series depending on the ability of those involved and how much of their excellence filters through to us at ND given that most it is carried on in secret due to its highly technical nature.

Remember that words are cheap but quality healthcare costs.

NHS Rangers lead on to the way to excellence.

P.S. NHS Northern “Ranger units” are all the managers and modern matrons and their various management meetings that aim to win the war on whatever the war is against this week.

They are all highly trained, fit and use all the highest tech means available to this elite unit of the NHS - the Rangers. They are heavily supported by teams of sign painters, printers, badge makers and creative consultants. Not normally photographed on active service they have allowed ND an exclusive photograph of some of their number on exercise. Their idents with few exceptions are top secret.

Some of their ideas are cutting edge killing machines and must be regarded as highly classified.

You have been warned soldiers now eat 10 chocolate digestives finish those 2 chocolate eclairs and drink that coffee double time. Hit the dirt, pick up that heavy laptop, grab the power point presentation and memory stick and move out we have another meeting to go to.

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