Tuesday, 28 October 2008

NHS Direct and Walk In centres.

NorthernDoc has seen figures saying that it costs £20 for a GP consultation £25 for a NHS Direct phone call and £34 for a Walk In centre consultation.

What do you get for £25 from NHS Direct “consultation”?

Below is a standard NHS Direct consultation - top secret - because if you dare to criticise one of the comrade nurse commissar’s actions (or rather inaction) then it is covered by “confidentially”.

“We can’t tell you what the comrade nurse commissar said as that would breach patient confidentiality”. NHS Direct is therefore perfect as a Party organ as it is completely unaccountable.

Caller: I have a problem.

Nurse commissar: Greetings comrade patient I will ask you a series of questions regarding your problem . . . .

20 minutes later and with lots of boxes ticked on the computer screen (so justifying Party and NHS Direct efficiency).

Nurse commissar: Thank you comrade patient caller. I do not know what is wrong with you so go and see your GP or local A&E department within 4 hours as it is clearly urgent even if you have had for 5 weeks and it is getting better because the comrade computer says yes so.

(The same process occurs at NHS Walk In centres.)

Caller: Thank you I feel so much better. I do not know what is wrong with me (or my child/grandma/other relative) so I will go and be abusive to my GP’s receptionist/A&E receptionist and demand an urgent appointment because the Nurse commissar at NHS Direct or Walk In centre has told me to do so.

Patients get wise to this and use NHS Direct or Walk In centres to get, or attempt to get appointments or visits, using NHS Direct as an American Express card to access health care “that’ll do nicely you can have an appointment/visit because a nurse ‘pratitioner’ on a telephone said so”.

Anybody done the maths as to which is the cheapest?

GP consultation £20 Problem sorted or referred on (appropriately)

NHS Direct £25 + £20 for follow up GP consultation
or + £73 A&E attendance.

Walk In centre £34 + £20 for follow up GP consultation
or + £73 A&E attendance.

Another great use of NHS money and resources?

Dare NorthernDoc say Not?

Taking nursing staff away from front line nursing to man NHS Direct wastes patient and nurse time to achieve nothing and adds to GPs’ or Accident and Emergency Departments’ workload.

NorthernDoc gave NHS Direct’s software the symptoms of a simple viral infection that affects a quarter of us per year and needs no treatment. 2 minutes for a GP 15 minutes on the computer and guess what?

Told to see GP urgently within 4 hours.

Jobs a good un comrades.

NHS Direct = Direct to GP or A&E

NHS Wa*k In centres = Walk into A&E or GPs.

Do what they say they but completely and utterly devoid of medicine. Use if you are thick and at your peril.

Praise be to the Party for they are all wise regarding quality healthcare.
PS I notice that the Witch Doctor has highlighted this issue in her post in the recent past. Sorry for the duplication but had been working on this one for a bit so thought would chuck into the ring. The more the merrier.

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