Wednesday, 15 October 2008

NHS Co-Payment

Following a couple of pieces on the BBC regarding cancer drugs “co-payment”, some of NDs team have been expressing a little sympathy for our beleaguered politicians as they try to sort out the banks and thought they might help the benevolent comrade Postman Pat in his campaign to stop people who pay for extra healthcare not provided by the NHS having free NHS care.

Here are some ideas of other forms of “co-payment” which the ND team feels will help save the NHS money in these troubled financial times:

1) If a parent buys Calpol from a chemist or supermarket for their child then their child should cease to have any NHS treatment ever.
2) If a patient seeing a private dentist attends a NHS GP with toothache then they should be denied any NHS care.
3) If a patient pays to park at a hospital car park then this is co payment for the treatment episode and so NHS treatment should be denied.
4) If a patient rings NHS Direct they have paid for the phone call and so should pay for all subsequent healthcare.
5) If a drunk falls over and pays for a taxi to get them to A&E for further treatment they should be denied NHS care as they should have dialed 999 and gone there for free to entitle them for free NHS care.
6) If an old lady falls over and pays for some plaster to put over a wound that subsequently needs treatment she should pay for this subsequent treatment due to her earlier co-payment for treatment.

7) If a patient who is worried he has something serious but pays to see a consultant privately they too should cease to have further NHS care even though a lot of people do this because of waiting times.
8) All people who have private health insurance should automatically be excluded as they are paying taxes and private health insurance is for everything so they don’t need the NHS.
9) Any patient returning from abroad with an illness that was treated overseas on their holiday insurance should also be denied NHS treatment on their return due to their prior co-payment.
10) Any patient who returns from overseas and develops malaria and has paid for anti malarial prophylaxis should have to pay for their treatment. If you don’t pay for malarial prophylaxis your treatment will of course be free.

Much respect to those resistance fighters trying to help end this awful scheme of co-payment as featured on the BBC hopefully they will not be penalized for doing so although placing a patient before the Party is a sackable offence without trial.

We at ND hope this will be of some help to the good comrade Postman Pat but the ND team feel that there will be plenty of other money saving tips out there for the good Postman and his Party Comrades?

Please send any other top tips for co-payment scams to:


Deb Acle said...

Hey, ND what about gender identity dis-whatever guys who buy their own make-up...?

Diabetics who buy their own Special Food...?

PKU patients, ditto.

Patients who read medical pages on the web...

Dammit, why not go the whole hog and Co-shaft all those who buy aspirins, paracetomol, ibuprofen, Milk of Magnesia, Andrews Liver Salts and Lockets?

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